About Art Gallery Salon West


Art Gallery Salon West was opened in 2016 by Gaïd Ombre. This artist saw that it was time to approach things differently than other artists. Instead of waiting for her buyers, she actively looked for her customers herself. And what is the nicest way to receive customers? Your own gallery.

The gallery is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and art lovers from Amsterdam and beyond come by to enjoy the art, coffee and fun conversations. Because that is what Gaïd likes most about having a physical gallery: the conversations with her customers. The coffee is always ready so you are welcome.

Gaïd has been working as a visual artist for almost 10 years and has been running her own gallery for almost 9 years. That's quite a lot if you are an artist, mother, gallery owner and entrepreneur. But Gaïd wouldn't have it any other way.

In addition to the work of Gaïd Ombre, who has now sold her work to many national and international art collectors, there is also always work by artist friends on display and for sale in the gallery. And this professional gallery participates in national and international art fairs in varying compositions of artists. 

Come in and be inspired and seduced by art!

New Tropical Lady

Art Gallery Salon West | Admiraal de Ruijterweg 9 | Amsterdam | Opening hours

New bronze sculpture by Gaïd Ombre